Halo Beacon Example Uses

Halo Beacon associates are fully equipped to meet your personal needs in urgent situations. They undergo specialized training, and fully qualified registered nurses are on staff 24/7 to perform nurse triage services. Nonetheless, Halo Beacon recommends that if you believe you are having a true emergency situation you should contact 9-1-1 directly. We are in no way a substitute for 9-1-1. We do augment first response efforts and fill in the gaps by using the latest technology to meet your personal needs.

1. Common situations

• Your child is lost during a family outing and needs help to rejoin the group
• You want to alleviate the burden on, or you do not want to rely constantly on, family members
• You need to be able to locate a loved one who consents to being found during a specific timeframe
• Peace of mind when you can't be with your aging parents

2. Concerning situations

• You become lost or lose your bearings while traveling in a new city
• Strangers are parked by or hanging around your house
• You hear strange noises outside your house in the middle of the night
• You are driving home and suspect someone may be following you
• You have to leave, but you want to offer loved ones a blanket of protection because they have a history of medical or health issues

3. Elevated-risk situations

• Your child feels intimidated by schoolyard bullies
• You are walking to your car in a dim-lit parking lot, and you notice a strange man is approaching people. He seems pushy as he asks for some money. He notices you and begins to walk your way.
• Another driver on the roadway pulls close and appears displeased about how you are driving. His behavior is erratic, and he is apparently directing his road rage towards you.
• You are at home and awakened in the middle of the night to the sound of your dog barking. It's not the typical bark though. It is the piercing bark that sounds like something serious is going on. You get up to investigate.
• You're walking outside after dark and think someone is following you

4. High-risk situations

• You or a loved one has allergies or medical issues that require a fast response
• You are alone and relaxing in the basement when you hear the sound of a window breaking upstairs. You are uncertain if a neighbor's mower has merely thrown a rock through your window or if your home is being burglarized.
• You're having unexpected pain or a odd reaction to medication, food or an insect bite
• You are the sole witness to an accident of some type and feel compelled act as a Good Samaritan, but you are not medically trained to render first aid

If you are experiencing a true emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately…

Call 855-SOS-HALO