Traveling Knight
Travel with Ease

  • Live Phone Interpreter
  • 24/7 Multilingual Nurses
  • My-Route Itinerary Saver
  • Essential Message Relay
  • Pay-by-Phone Emergency Fund
  • Vital Travel Info.

Take Stress Out of Travel

International travel can be strenuous. Safety is also more important now than ever before as you journey to unfamiliar lands. And an extra measure of safety is good even for short trips, especially during cross-country winter travel.

Traveling Knight Service offers extra, personalized safeguards far beyond trip insurance. Halo Beacon is only a call away whether you want to make the most of a family sightseeing trip or you are on a business trip overseas and just ate something that disagrees with you! Get ready to travel everywhere with newfound ease...

Personal Help

The toll-free My-Route line is your call-in travel itinerary saver. Enjoy 24/7 access to personal voice recordings. Use Halo Beacon's one-of-a-kind automated system to relay messages from you to anyone, anywhere.

Track all travel details:

• Itinerary changes

• Flight/Hotel changes

• Transportation/Meal

• Remember things "to do"

• Save & share essential voice memos

Practical AND Private

Messages are passcode protected. Change your passcode anytime. You are in charge of who can access your messages.

A Safety Net so You’re Never Forgotten

In an urgent situation Halo Beacon staff can access your trip messages. We can relay them to your nearest embassy, appropriate authorities, and even investigators in a missing person case to hasten vital response times.

Interpretation Service by Phone

Imagine a native language speaking friend with you 24/7. Few can afford a personal travel guide, but now you can by calling our interpreters. Turn any phone into a portable, live translator with 180+ language coverage. This is not another semi-useful translation app. This is a real, live person helping you communicate what you intend to communicate. Now if you ever have difficulty communicating in a foreign country, live translation service is there for you at the rate of $3.99 per minute. Now you'll never feel alone or struggle to communicate while abroad.

Medical Message Relay

For medical necessities our multilingual staff can send and receive vital messages to and from family and friends.

Live Multilingual Nurse Help

If you are hurt overseas, will you find a doctor who speaks your language and get clear directions to a nearby modern medical facility?

If you ever have an injury or illness while on a short trip or during a long journey abroad, you can now speak 24/7 to our live registered nurses for medical advice.

Nurses fluent in 250+ languages

Lookup service for 15,000+ hospitals worldwide with directions

Never Feel Stranded

Your 24/7 emergency pay-by-phone service.

Useful for car trouble/repair while on short cross-country trips, especially during winter.

Extend free coverage to your mom or any loved one.

Cover your college-bound youth for any spring break destination and ensure youth can always call on funds for a safe cab ride.

Information You Need

Visa, Passport and Immunization InformationThe Halo Beacon call center will provide visa, passport and immunization requirements for foreign countries in which you will be traveling. The call center has access to the latest updates from the US State Department, the US Centers for Disease Control and other sources to deliver detailed information and specific requirements pertinent to your travels.

Cultural InformationSave yourself valuable time and help prevent embarrassment so you can get the most from your personal or business trip. The call center will provide general cultural information for the countries in which you will be traveling. The information may include typical dress, social etiquette, business protocol, traditions, language, tipping, transportation methods, and other relevant information.

Weather & ATM information Ensure each leg of your journey will unfold with ease. The call center can give temperature outlook and weather advisories for areas in which you will be traveling. We can even lookup international ATMs anywhere along your way.

Embassy & Consulate ReferralsWe can give you good contact information for the nearest embassy or consulate in any country.

US State Department Travel AdvisoriesTravel with ease and a new halo of safety knowing the latest available travel advisories from the US State Department. These advisories cover crime alerts, currency regulations, medical facilities, areas of instability and other important information for countries worldwide.

What is the cost?


  • $10 per month with an initial setup fee of $20.
  • Note: Phone interpreter service is $3.99 per minute. Nurse $30 per call. Pay-by-phone service $15 per use.

Ready to mobilize your own traveling knight?


... or call Halo Beacon at 855-SOS-HALO to order now.

Below you can view the video describing the Traveling Knight service in detail. In fact the video is not quite as long as the actual video that new customers receive after signing up. But with this partial video you get the luxury of seeing most of the content. You may also note that the video is lengthy because the service is substantive.

With Traveling Knight service, you'll feel like you have a safety guardian, like your own knight in shining armor to call on!

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