Premium Halo Beacon Angel for Minors

Premium Halo Beacon Angel for Minors service is the premium service tailored for minors that turns their phone into the ultimate lifeline for help with 7 halo service covering the full range of practical and urgent services. Give kids a safety halo and keep all your teen drivers safe. 

Halo 1


  • Turn-by-turn directional info. works with popular location-based app technology. Family can come and assist a youth with a safety/health need. And we can give directions to get a youth to a source of help.
  • We can guide Good Samaritans to get youth to help fast.

Halo 2


  • We can give vital medical info. you provide to paramedics by phone for accurate, on-the-spot care.
  • 24/7 nurse line. Never again feel like your little one's good health has to wait until an appointment time. There is no waiting at our nurseline so you can always get advice from a Registered Nurse. The nurse can answer questions ranging from everyday issues to more urgent queries.
  • We notify up to 5 family & good friends you specify.

Who is approaching your daughter?

You only want people of the highest of intentions offering your teen help if they're stranded, so we offer Halo 3...

Halo 3


  • We give 24/7 dedicated directional support & can quickly look up tow trucks, locksmiths & more. If a teen is low on funds, we are ready day and night to make payment over the phone to those providing helpful services.
  • Extend free coverage to all your teen drivers or any loved one. Extending coverage makes a uniquely helpful gift! Even ensure your college-bound youth can call on funds for a safe cab ride home.

Halo 4


  • Avoid obstacles to your destination.
  • Our call center monitors live traffic far ahead. By correlating multiple sources we can reroute you fast.

Halo 5


  • Help keep kids safe from bullies & strangers.
  • Message a duress situation by webchat. Works on any web-enabled phone to give young people a "silent beacon" for help.
  • Parents get notified of the alarm & the location. Unique system works with top location-based app technology. Our call center can give parents/authorized responders turn-by-turn directional info. to the youth's location.

Halo 6


  • Travel with ease and a halo of safety.
  • Live 24/7 translation by phone
  • Travel advisories/cultural info
  • Message relay 
  • Hospital/embassy lookup
  • Multilingual nurse advice 24/7

Halo 7


  • Dial 855-SOS-HALO from ANY mobile phone.
  • Requires NO special phone, device, app, or auto install!

Send them off with new Halos!

So they'll be reunited in your loving arms...

Ready to Order?


... or call Halo Beacon at 855-SOS-HALO to order now. We recommend you call if you have activated any new service in the past week because a representative can waive the setup fees for service for minors for all your kids & grandkids!

The video below offers greater detail on the value and various beneficial aspects of the service. In fact the video is not quite as long as the actual video that new customers receive after signing up. But with this partial video you get the luxury of seeing most of the content. You may also note that the video is lengthy because the service is substantive.


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