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See the main benefits of getting your very own Halo Beacon angel! Call on us 24/7 for help when and where you need it. You'll wonder how you ever lived without these 12 benefits all included in your $29 per month subscription for premium service.

• 24/7 access to Halo Beacon associates who are trained to communicate your health information to medical and first response professionals. We are awake 24/7 to be your guardian angels!

• Personalized wallet card to provide additional health information and emergency contacts. Give EMS personnel and Good Samaritans information to help you.

• Turn-by-turn directions wherever you need to go. Call us for practical purposes to find your destination, locate a gas station, restaurant, ATM, etc. Since we are only a tollfree phone call away our service is great even if you only have a regular cell (or you are calling on a friend's phone!). You should never feel lost again.

• Roadside assistance so you and your loved ones will never feel stranded again. Whether you need to be towed, have a flat tire, are out of gas or have a dead battery, our call center can pinpoint where you are using location-based app technology. Then we can look up sources of help and alternate transportation in your immediate vicinity. Our associates are also available 24/7 to provide payment by phone to tow truck drivers, cab drivers, and more. We are here to ensure you are whisked to help and safety even if you don't have the funds on you. Do you know anyone with a birthday coming up? This makes a great gift idea!

• Help with navigating traffic. Our call center monitors traffic in major cities worldwide, helping you avoid accidents, construction, and traffic jams. Your monthly subscription gives you the ability to call anytime to have a live operator give you up-to-date traffic conditions and find the most efficient routes to your destination in any situation. We are standing by 24/7 to make your busy life go a little smoother!

• Call for help in any situation to get help when and where you need it in the unique way you need help. On your initial signup form just let us know whom to contact in a time of crisis. You have our assurance that up to five contacts you specify will be notified if you need.

• Ability to pinpoint your current location if you need help. The one-of-a-kind Halo Beacon system works seamlessly with poplar location-based app technology for iPhone and Android. We can vector help to wherever you are located.

• We turn everyone into a potential Good Samaritan! We can even give turn-by-turn directions to your trusted family/friends to vector help to you faster. And you can count on us to stay on the phone however long it takes during your hour of need for anything from a flat tire to an auto accident.

• No installation or app needed. Halo Beacon is as portable and convenient as your phone, whether it be a smartphone or regular cell phone. Like your own guardian angels, we will stand by you until you can be reunited with your loved ones. Turn your phone into a beacon to call on a new halo of help and protection.

• Free safety dashboard on the Halo Beacon website. See up-to-date weather, traffic, and access life-saving first aid information and videos. Now you have help at your fingertips.

• Turn your web-enabled mobile phone into a silent alarm. Now with a simple web chat message you can connect with our call center to send a silent alarm. We will know it is you and respond as if you had called! Even predefine multiple emergency type/location situations with us on your initial form, and we can summon help instantly even if you only have time to discreetly press a few buttons. Now people of all ages can take charge of any fear from home invasion to schoolyard bullying to simply walking to one's car alone at night.

• Travel with ease and safety. Halo Beacon is like your personal home team you can reach back to for message relay to friends and health practitioners. We also look out for your safety with travel advisories, cultural info, amazing live translation service, and so much more. No matter what time zone you are in our multilingual nurses are also available to help 24/7. Find out more about our Traveling Knight service included in your Halo Beacon subscription (additional fees for specialized travel services apply).

12+ Benefits, only $29 per month
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