Halo Beacon Aid-Need Service

Halo Beacon has a new realm of service now launched for the US and Canada! Anyone with a phone can purchase access to this new valuable and potentially life-saving service called: Aid-Need

Halo Beacon's Aid Need service is now available and of particular benefit to persons with severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, insulin shock or seizures. Halo Beacon's Aid-Need service turns your phone into a speed-dialed talking mouthpiece that quickly delivers first-aid instruction catered specifically to your needs. How? It is possible through Halo Beacon's one-of-a-kind system that uses caller ID technology to recognize your incoming phone number and play your personal recording. Simply dial our easy-to-remember, toll-free Aid-Need number (US and Canada only) and place your phone on speakerphone.

Nurse Aid-Need Service also includes the capability of speaking to a live multilingual Registered Nurse to receive trained medical advice about medications, health problems, health concerns, possible diagnosis, and recommended treatments after hours... helping to potentially avoid a costly trip to the emergency room. Note: Although Fonemed Registered Nurses are highly trained, this type of skilled nursing advice is only intended for use in minor medical issues. Fonemed should never be used in place of 9-1-1 emergency services in a genuinely life-threatening situation. All calls to Fonemed are charged at a flat rate of $30 per call.

Special Offer

There is a non-refundable setup fee of $100. But if you heard about the service from a referral of a friend, simply ask them for a coupon code to get $20 off your setup! All new Aid-Need Service will incur a $7 per month ongoing charge. Note: This service is unique and separate from the premium Halo Beacon Angel Service described elsewhere on this website.

Free Bonus

All new customers will receive a personalized webpage on the Halo Beacon website. This will serve as your "safety dashboard." It can be customized with topics relevant to your unique needs. Your personal webpage will generally include links to first aid resources, helpful first aid videos, and much more.

Example personal safety webpage:


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Below you can view the video describing the Aid-Need service in detail. In fact the video is not quite as long as the actual video that new customers receive after signing up. But with this partial video you get the luxury of seeing most of the content. You may also note that the video is lengthy because the service is substantive.

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