Halo Beacon Aid-Need Service

• Unique multilingual nurse line 24/7.

• Makes your phone a talking mouthpiece for help to turn any untrained bystander into a Good Samaritan.

• Vital helpline for people of all ages with medical conditions including severe allergies, asthma, insulin shock, seizures, & more.


Uninformed, Panicked Bystanders

Certain medical conditions elicit widely varied responses by uninformed bystanders who witness a reaction, shock, or seizure episode. There is inherent risk in receiving unskilled or untrained medical assistance, especially from panicking bystanders.


Looming Financial Burden

There is major expense of typically $1000 plus from a sometimes unnecessary ambulance ride.



Your Phone, Your Lifeline

Simply dial the Aid-Need line and our caller ID routes to your personally recorded medical instructions. You can give information on how to help you, instructions regarding your service dog, or even give the name of a friend to contact. Just add Aid-Need to speed dial, press speakerphone, and anyone within range can hear your medical message within 10 seconds. Record health instructions in your own voice or select a professional voice talent.



Why is Aid-Need a true Halo of Help?

• It turns people into Good Samaritans...

• Empower everyone around you with the info to quickly and accurately respond with the first aid measures you need when you need it.

• Toll-free Aid-Need line can be quickly dialed by you, a loved one, or by anyone trying to help.




What if I am alone & need live help?

Don't make good health wait! Our nurses are a quick call away. Now good health advice doesn't have to wait until a future medical appointment time.

• Just call the Aid-Need line and press 0 to speak to a live nurse day or night.

• Our highly trained registered nurses are ready 24/7 to give immediate triage service and provide medical advice.



Never Feel Stranded

Stay safe with 24/7 emergency pay-by-phone service. Useful for car trouble/repair anytime, especially for winter trips. Lessen the chances you will be stranded far from help.


Your Travel Halo

Travel can be stressful and aggravate certain medical conditions. Travel with ease knowing you can call on Aid-Need Service while abroad.

Nurses fluent in 250+ languages

Lookup service for 15,000+ hospitals worldwide w/directions

Feel free to go everywhere wrapped in a new halo!


What else does Halo Beacon offer?

Halo Beacon also offers premium services of great value that utilize location-based app technology to quicken response times for friends, family, and even EMS personnel. You will enjoy quick access to upgrade to premium service anytime.

Upgrade to premium service and turn your phone into the ultimate lifeline for both practical and urgent needs. 

Halo Beacon works with popular location-based app technology, so in a medical situation our call center can pinpoint your location. We can even contact up to 5 loved ones on your behalf and simultaneously talk all helpers to you with turn-by-turn directional info. To learn all about the potentially life-saving value of Premium "Combo" service, click here.

Free Bonuses

Bonus 1: All new customers will receive a personalized webpage on the Halo Beacon website. This will serve as your "safety dashboard." It can be customized with topics relevant to your unique needs. Your personal webpage will generally include links to first aid resources, helpful first aid videos, and much more.

Example personal safety webpage:


Bonus 2: Halo Beacon will also email you an mp3 copy of your medical recording. Save the sound file with your unique personal medical instructions to your iPad, laptop, or home computer for friends to hear in case you have an urgent medical need.

Special Offer

There is a setup fee of $100. But if you heard about the service from the referral of a friend or an affiliate, simply ask them for a coupon code to get $20 off your setup! Note, the ongoing cost will be $7 per month.

Ready to order now?


... or call Halo Beacon at 855-SOS-HALO to order now.

Below you can view the video describing the Aid-Need service in detail. In fact the video is not quite as long as the actual video that new customers receive after signing up. But with this partial video you get the luxury of seeing most of the content. You may also note that the video is lengthy because the service is substantive.

Still unsure or a twinge skeptical? Want to know more details? Enjoy special access to the video describing the service in detail. Then click here to order!

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